My feet stick out. Help me fix them.
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I need to fix my feet. For as long I can remember, my feet have stuck out (supination.) I have super-high arches - you can barely see the inside portion of my feet on a foot print. I find it nearly impossible to hold my feet together parallel and flat (inner heel to inner heel, big toe to big toe) - they rotate upward and outward, instead. If I manage to get my feet in something close to that position, my toes get goofy, pointing in multiple directions. I want to learn how to straighten my (bare) feet when walking and hold them together, flat, the way I described...
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And you're not going to a podiatrist why?
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Having custom othotics made by a podiatrist could assist you in your endeavour to walk with your feet straight. My feet have the completely opposite problem to yours. They are super-flat and my ankles pronate, causing a great deal of pain. The biggest thing for changing the way I walked came with custom made orthotics. My podiatrist shaped them so that different muscles in my legs were being strengthened, changing the way my foot moves, even when I walk barefoot.

It's probably worth a try.
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Cholly beat me to it — have orthotics made. You can wear them in almost any shoes.
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Care to share, why this is a problem for you? My feet have always been naturally inclined to point outwards. I walk a little weird. Maybe one leg is a tad longer than the other, I don't know. For me to hold my feet parallel to eachother feels crooked.

Sorry this is outside the scope of an answer, and is kind of a piggyback. But seems those answering here may have some specific notions about it.
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The way I've heard it is that problems with your feet translate in later life into knee, hip, and back problems. My doctor told me that feet are the foundation of your house. Poor foundation, and stuff isn't going to work right.

Which reminds me, I still haven't bothered to get orthotics.
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In addition to seeing a podiatrist & trying orthotics, you might try Alexander Technique, which I found very helpful in realigning my walk from severe hip turnout to parallel.
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Nth the podiatrist. I have similar problems, to the extent that walking without orthotics causes me large amounts of pain. But with orthotics life is wonderful. The podatrist can also can help you with buying shoes, strengthening exercises, preventing blisters, removing calluses and all kinds of other good things that will alleviate any problems your weird feet are causing you.
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Ditto orthotics. I'm an overpronator and am just this side of needing orthotics for running. I'm actually considering getting them anyway just so I have more shoe choices. But just from wearing motion control running shoes, I can attest what a HUGE difference they make in how your muscles and joints feel. Serious quality of life boost.

More than likely your insurance won't cover them even if they're prescribed, but they're worth every penny.
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My feet point out, but it's not a foot problem. My legs are rotated in my hip sockets. Are you sure it's a foot problem? Do your knees also angle out?
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My left foot points straight ahead, while my right foot sticks out. Funnily enough this is also the case with my dad.

No major problems, and I do walk a lot, however this has caused a bunion on my right foot - the bone in the large toe joint has moved sideways. As long as I have comfortable shoes it helps. I also have had orthotics made and they do help, though they don't seem to straighten my foot out.

Seek a podiatrist! You don't want to mess up your feet.
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Have you got Morton's foot? Putting pads in my shoes as shown in the article has helped my posture a lot.
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I used to have the same problem with high arches. Orthopedic inserts didn’t help me at all, and when doctors asked if I had foot pain, I always told them no- I always thought the tightness and aching I felt in my lower legs/feet was normal. Turns out it wasn’t normal, that I had a tight Achilles tendon causing a ton of problems, and that I could end up not being able to walk by the time I was 50. I had complete reconstructive foot surgery, and it has made a HUGE difference. So, I would see a podiatrist. Also, you may want to be tested for Charcot-Marie-Tooth-Disease, which is often characterized by high arches.
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