Do we have a (St. Francis') prayer?
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Weddingmusicfilter: Can anyone help us locate sheet music for the Sarah McLachlan version of "Prayer of St. Francis"?

We want a soloist to sing this number for our wedding in March. We found a tablature (sp?) version, but as we'd like piano or some other accompaniment, real sheet music would be nice.
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After looking for a while, it appears the answer is no, unfortunately; I checked every outlet I know of, even the "individual score" vendors.

Somebody's gonna have to learn to play by ear.
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Try calling her label.
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Your profile doesn't say where you are located, but if you are near near a university with any kind of music program you can probably post an ad there offering $ for transcibing the track by ear. Alternately, there are lots of pianists here on meta, possibly even one willing to learn the song and run it through midi transcription software. Don't know if metamusic or metajobs would be your best bet. I'd love to help, but my transcription skills are rusty and I'm a strictly analog kind of guy.
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If you can point me to a recording, I can transcribe it for you and email it over.
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