Help me name a new online community service.
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I’ve seen some great suggestions come out of AskMe in the past and really need some creative help to break my naming block. I have been building a new online community service for groups. Our service specializes in helping groups collaborate and share knowledge effectively within their community. The obvious big issue (besides getting us to agree on the name) is acquiring the URL. We are not opposed to buying the URL, but all attempts to date have required obscene amounts of money A few names that we like, but cannot agree upon: (I own the URL’s): GroupSwim , Brighthive, GroopScoop As you can see, I’m really trying to incorporate group or the idea of community into the name. Any help or suggestions would be huge! Even a vote on the names above would be a big help. Thanks…
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hatchingideas is a good one.
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hatchingideas is a good one. Dont know if it available.
posted by iphog at 2:26 PM on January 29, 2007 looks like it may be available
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I'd vote AGAINST GroopScoop, unless you own GroupScoop as well.
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If you're trying to get a good name without spending huge amounts of money, then keep in mind that you don't actually have to use a ".com" URL. It's not required by the laws of physics.

I've been very happy with my .nu domain.
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As mr den beste says, try something creative. or or or whatever (i just made those up, no idea if they are available). i mean, just look at, can't say it's not popular.
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InterThinker (s)

all available per Go Daddy
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Your name doesn't matter much. It's what you DO that will brand your name.

Anyway, while waiting for this FTP to finish:,, effectivesharing, sharenow, groupshare, sharethegroup, public space, groupthink, groupmeet, groupcog, group grope, cog groupies, blue cog, blue cog group, machine group, synapse group, axom group, soma think, synapse collection, group clump, snyapse clump, cognitive gang, cognitive collection, action faction, group hug, group home, glial group, the hand, a grouping of neurons, bundle of neurons, group bundle, neuron bridge, community group think, 100 billion plus neurons, group cognition, spokes on a wheel, grouping knowledge, sharetheknow, red boxes,
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Their whois info can be a little off, but I found this useful when looking for a domain name.

And there are always name generators. You never know...

I don't mind Brighthive.

Will your users be object oriented programmers? If so, it looks like is available!

Good luck.
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I'm not a big fan of brighthive--I had to read it a couple times before I figured out what it was supposed to say. (I wanted to pronounce it Brig-h-thive at first.)
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I worked at a company that was paid a lot of money to do naming and branding. All we did was brainstorm names for a couple days and then pick something short, available, concrete, and appropriate. Use a thesaurus, look up words in the dictionay, be creative, you'll find something.

Btw, I still don't feel like I know what your site will do - could you explain it in more detail?
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i believe that one smart namer, acting alone, can pick the best url on a single pass through a registrar, and that checking names on whois can be counterproductive unless you snatch it at once, because somebody else out there is watching your whoises and is poised to snatch good url's for themselves.
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Are people really watching whoises?
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Response by poster: Some great suggestions. Lots of rich ideas to consider as we finalize.

We have not launched the service yet, but if you want to stay posted or see more check out our blog at:

Thanks again for all the help!<a
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