GPS on a Nokia E60
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What is the best way to get GPS on my Nokia E60?

For starters, I only need UK maps. As I see it, I need some form of GPS receiver (Bluetooth) as well as some maps. I also need the software that bridges it together.

Unfortunately, TomTom is out of the running due to the fact it doesn't run on a Nokia E60. I've also checked out Navicore and Route 66, who both offer software-only solutions as well as a kit of everything you need to get started. Am I better off buying everything separately? Or do I just buy one of these kits?

Have I overlooked any less obvious solutions, like open source software for Symbian?

Before you question putting the GPS on my cellphone, I don't want this to be restricted just to use my car, nor do I want to buy a dedicated GPS unit.
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I've used phone software that couples with a bluetooth GPS, and I wasn't overly impressed - the phone wasn't loud enough to hear its alerts over road noise, and both the GPS and the phone suck power, but only one could be charged at a time.

Anyway, the GPS unit in that experiment was a CoPilot BTGPS3 and it performed just fine, modulo the limitations I've already mentioned. Maybe that will help with Google search terms. Have you considered the latest Nokia N series phone with GPS onboard?
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Although TomTom's site doesn't specifically mention the E60, it runs the same version of s60 as all the other E series phones, so it should work fine, barring some graphical glitch. I wouldn't expect that, given that it runs on the E70, which has the same screen resolution and less available memory.

Personally, I'd get a nice Holux bluetooth GPS and get the software of your choice separately.
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