How to plan a smallish out-of-town gathering?
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I'm planning a regional get-together - are there any online tools or articles that can help?

I'm wanting to start planning a weekend gathering of probably 10-20 people throughout the Southeast. Hopefully I'll be able to host it in October 2007.

I have never planned anything like this before, and I honestly have no idea where to even begin. All I know is that we will need accommodations, food, and activities.

If specifics help: we're a group of women who know each other via the Internet but most of us have never met. The gathering will most likely take place near Atlanta (I live 2 hours away from there). We just want to get together and meet, talk, and have fun. None of us are the "partying" type of people, so subdued activities would be preferable.

Any ideas, online tools, articles, suggestions, etc. are greatly appreciated.
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Maybe Backpack would be useful for coordinating information (times, dates, etc) and I think it could be set up so that everyone could edit. Sort of like a wiki, I guess. This example seems relevant.
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Have you tried
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Best answer: evite?
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and for things-to-do ideas.
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