How to play a game off of a CD that has been installed on another computer first.
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How does one get past the CD-key issue with burning games?

I have Daemon Tools and I can easily burn the disc itself. But how would I install the game in the first place without the CD key?
maybe this is a better wording of my question.
How do I play a game off of a CD that has been installed on another computer first?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: 'please tell me how to pirate games/warez/appz' is a bad use of ask mefi

Buy the game. Nobody is going to tell you how to pirate software here.

If you wait a few months to buy your games, you can get them very cheap.
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You probably have to pay for a new key. Otherwise this turns into a warz/cracks question... which tend to get deleted.
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How do I play a game off of a CD that has been installed on another computer first?

Piracy is bad!

Now that that is out of the way ... let's just assume that your buddy sells you a copy of a game he has previously purchased...

You install the game on the second computer and use the CD Key. Install it on as many machines as you want. The CD doesn't "remember" that the data has been read before.

Unless you're going online where there could be a database check against a master list, all CD Keys are just algorithmic checks (of one form or another) within the installer. Without the key (or some kind of hack that defeats the check), the installer won't proceed. A valid key can be used any number of times unless there's some kind of external check (e.g. online verification).

Now, the other thing that might be standing in your way is some kind of mastering technology, like SecuRom, that would prevent Daemon Tools from creating an exact burn of the disk (or rather, SecuRom knows your burn isn't a valid one). But I'm sure there's ways to defeat that, too.
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Thanks frogan, that is exactly what I wanted to know.

I can't believe that I forgot to mention that my friend is actually a major retailer and this game is new and I bought it with money. Money that is mine.... And I was only asking the question for a friend anyways! My friend Johnny.
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