I'm too sexy for my training bra.
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Where can I find a great selection of very small bras?

I usually wear a 34 or 36, but I can't fill an A-cup and usually can't even fill a AA. I am sometimes okay just wearing a camisole with a shelf bra in it, but I need more coverage than that when I'm wearing a light-colored or tight-fitting top. Plus I'd just like to be able to shop for a variety of fun, sexy styles.

Sometimes I find bras with smaller cups in the "little girls" department, but they all look like training bras and it's hard to find sizes that are big enough around (the 34 seems to be smaller than a 34 in women's -- it doesn't make sense but it's true). I have found some online retailers specializing in this but they are all UK-based and I'd prefer to skip the currency conversions and extra shipping charges.

Bonus points for a real store so I could try things on, or for lower-cost options. Thanks!
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American Apparel has bras in S, M, and L. Some of my small chested friends like their S. It has no support though, just coverage.
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Figleaves.com - they have everything.
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Why do you even need to wear a bra? You don't really need any support, right?
I ask this only as a dude who is ignorant of these women related issues. No insult intended.
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Response by poster: DieHipsterDie, girls need coverage even when we don't need support. In many life situations (work, dinner with parents, anytime we don't want to be stared at) it is inappropriate to have one's nipples showing through one's shirt. Also, some clothes look better with a little bit of shaping action underneath.
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Have you tried the Playtex bras in their Nearly A size? Or are those still too big?
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Sauris: Thanks. Seems unfair that women nipples are a problem but men's are not.
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Oh, and you can try the Playtex ones on at Khols.
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Response by poster: I've tried one of the Playtex ones in Nearly A; it had molded cups and there was space between me and the bra. I'll look at other styles in case there's one that's shaped more like me.
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Lula Lu is a US-based online retailer that specialises in smaller cup sizes -- their bra selection is good and has quite a good variety.

You might also try the Bita Saviss Distraction bra, which starts at an AAA cup and is a great-looking, proper grown up bra.

Finally, try the Italian brands like La Perla and Argentovivo and some of the smaller French brands like Eres -- these always size a bit small so you could probably get away with an A cup. These will be more expensive but if you hunt around they're quite often on sale.

Hope that helps!
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p.s. since you're a smaller cup size, these "Lifttits" might come in handy when you're wearing a strapless top -- they're clear adhesive sheets that give a little bit of lift and support. There's a video that shows how they work.
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Oh my God. That Liftits demo (excellent typo, BTW!) was illuminating.

sauris, have you gone to a specialty lingerie shop yet? These places not only stock a wide array of bras, especially those in less popular sizes, but they generally have excellent fitters as well. You may end up paying a fair bit of money for one or two bras, but if you alternate and wash nightly, they should be a better bargain than all the ill-fitting bras you're dealing with now.
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Response by poster: Lula Lu seems to have the best selection of any US-based site I've found so far -- thanks. And I'll try again on the specialty lingerie shop idea. I went once years ago and they seemed to have millions of unusual sizes, but only unusually LARGE sizes. Maybe it's because I live in the Midwest where it's easier to find bigger sizes than smaller, but certainly it's worth another visit.

Thanks, everybody, for your helpful suggestions!
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Triumph makes a series of bras called Petites, their band sizes are about the same as regular, but the cups are smaller, and they're padded as well. They should be available at any department store. They only have pretty basic styles, but they're a pretty reasonable price.
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Do you have an H&M with a lingerie department near you? They have some tiny bras there, I believe. Very cheap too so might be worth at least trying on. They don't carry 36 As though, if you're positive that's what you need.
BTW DieHipsterDie, visible men's nipples under clothing are almost as much taboo as women's. They just have the advantage of being a) generally smaller, and b) not pushed out from the body (unless you have manboobs), so they're much less noticible. Also, few guys wear shirts that are tight across the chest (especially those with manboobs).
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Urban Outfitters. Usually no underwires, really cute, cheap if you avoid the Betsy Johnson bras.
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Creative Woman. They're in Los Angeles, but they ship, and they keep records on what you like. (Not in a creepy way, in a excellent customer service way.)
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I meant, Creative Woman.
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If the issue is nipples, my wife wears some sort of sticker flower thing over them without a bra and she is good to go. SHe's not home and I can't find the package, but they are flower pedal shaped. Not sure if these are them, but if not very similar. Or these.
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I've bought stuff from Lauren Silva and had no problems and they have a very wide selection of sizes and styles. Also, if you're in NYC, there are at least 3 stores that I know of that have trained saleswomen help you pick out your perfect size.
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Do you have an outlet mall nearby? I have found that both the Bail outlet and the Maidenform outlet have bra fitters on duty. Bali might be a bit, *ahem* heavy duty for you but I imagine Maidenform will have something that would work out for you.
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Oh, and Maidenform also carries those nipple-sticker kinda things that JohnnyGunn was talking about. Dunno if they are the same style.
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If you can get any Japanese brands - Wacoal is superb and carries a get selection.
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thats "great" selection
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Decent Exposures is based in Seattle.
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I spend my summers in Asia and before leaving, buy a year's worth of small bras. Off the top of my head, the better-known brands I can think of that are probably available in the US are Wacoal, and also Triumph International and their Bee Dees sub-brand.

As of today, my only successful find has been the Choice by Calvin Klein line. Underwire, and made with regular bra material that won't show the shape of your ta-ta's poking out through your shirt.
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There's also the Snares of Venus, which custom makes bras of any size.
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lulalu specializes in bras for women with far sized bands but less than a cups. they are a godsend! they'll have to pry my wacoal everyday bra in less than an a from my cold dead hands. found 'em on knickers blog. calvin klein and donna karan are also known for having decent bras in smaller cup sizes.
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