TRAC - 'how to' from a business perspective
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I'm looking for tips/resources on how to best use Trac (bug-tracking cum project management software) for small web-app shop

Our company wants to use Trac/Subversion to track maintenance of existing software projects.

I'd like to read something about best practice with Trac.

The 'Trac Guide' is more along the lines of "this is how you add a ticket" - I'd be interested in articles (or accounts of personal experiences) which give a high-level view of how Trac might be best used by a small group of developers working in PHP/Python maintaining existing web-apps of medium to high complexity.

(I'm very surprised I cannot find this stuff via Google but I can't)
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We just made a bunch of changes to the way that Django uses trac; you can read an overview of what we're doing in our documentation.

Essentially, we turned off a number of built-in fields and added a few of custom fields to better support how we want things to work. Trac's incredibly flexible once you dig into it.

If what we're doing sounds interesting, feel free to contact me privately lest I turn this comment into more of a self-link than it already is.
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PS: If you haven't discovered Trac Hacks you should check it out. Lots of really useful plugins.
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Look into documentation for SVN, not Trac. Trac is a lightweight frontend, SVN is where most of the business will go down.
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Forget Trax, get JIRA
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Dangit, south, wait a few weeks. I'm still finishing up part 2 of 5 on how to manage webapp releases with trac... I do this professionally.

Trac/Subversion works best in an environment where you're planning forward and using releases to manage your featureset. Another project that uses Trac to great success (especially the documentation parts, which are all in the wiki and are all *versioned* are

If you're catch-as-catch-can bugfixing, trac isn't necessarily the best tool for you. There really isn't a tool made for 'winging it'.

and nj_subgenius -- why? What's so special about it? Oh, you misspelled Trac, btw. What is Jira? Why would you want to pay for JIRA when you can get Trac for free? Jira doesn't say anything on it's website about integration with subversion, which is Trac's main feature. In other words, try making a useful comment.
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(Sorry for the extended derail, but JIRA is what's used by a lot of open source projects, such as apache.)
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