Accessible Lodging for Coachella Festival
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TravelFilter: I need recommendations on where to stay during the Coachella Music Festival.

I'm thinking about going to the Coachella festival and I want to find a hotel room before everything is booked. I need something that is wheelchair accessible. Any suggestions? Also, what kind of public transportation is available in the area? Should I rent a van? Any advice is appreciated.
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Here's the hotel/motel list from the Coachella site. A lot of places may already be booked up -- lodging starts filling up for the festival months in advance when the dates are confirmed, even before the lineups are announced.
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Oh, and here's the Coachella forums, too; there's a section with current discussions on lodging and transportation. This makes it sound like public transportation isn't really an option -- you can either get to the pick-up/drop-off point via taxi or shuttle, or drive and park yourself. I believe the festival grounds and parking lot are all grass, if that matters in terms of wheelchair mobility.
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Holiday Inn Express advertises their ADA compliance and have been decent places to stay(in other locals) in my experience. Ramada Hotels, of which there are a few near by, also have accessible rooms.

Have a fantastic time.
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