Where should I rent a vacation house for 4 weeks this summer east of the Mississippi?
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Where should I rent a vacation house for 4 weeks this summer (east of the Mississippi)?

I have an opportunity to travel with my wife and baby daughter to the US this summer for 4 weeks. As we've done for the past few years in different parts of Europe, we rent a house in one place and then do day trips in the surrounding area. We should we go? Could be the beach or the mountains. It could be near but it should not in a big city.
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The Maine coast is pretty quintessential. Gorgeous weather in the summer, and lots of different kinds of daytrips as long as you don't mind driving. Will be expensive, though, (the rental I mean--food, etc, is pretty affordable) and you should book ASAP. But it's less expensive/touristy, and quirkier than some of the other usual coastal suspects--Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Hamptons.
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There's quite a few vacation house rentals in the area around Charleston, SC. Charleston isn't huge, but I'd think it would be big enough. And there's plenty of great seafood there, if you like that.
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I suggest the Calendar Islands off the coast of Portland, ME. They are lovely communities, some with ferrys, almost all with cars and small stores. Then, especially if you are on an island served by the Casco Bay Lines, you can hop into Portland for some of the best dining and great lobsters, or take a day trip down to Boston to hang out in the city (2 hr drive, or less). My parents have lived on an island up there for 8+ years, and dearly love it.
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Jersey Shore. Stone Harbor, Avalon. It is centrally located to New York City, Atlantic City, Philadelphia and Washington DC.
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What about the Outer Banks? It's really gorgeous out there, and the beach is lovely.
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Southwest Florida (Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers).

-Pretty beaches, vacation paradise, well established tourism industry
-Not big city, but close for day trips: Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are about an hour and a half away, Orlando is about 3 hours
-Summer is the off-season, and the majority of properties in the area are owned or rented by "snow birds" meaning they are lived in from november(ish) through march(ish) and vacant for the rest of the year. You'll get a great deal on a furnished house/townhouse/condo.
-Plenty of golf and poolside fun, if you are into that sort of thing
-Local international airport with nonstop flights to most major cities in the country (for a weekend trip), served by low cost carriers like jetblue and soutwest

-You'll need a car to get around
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East Coast or Midwest?

East Coast I'd say OBX (Outer Banks) or Jersey Shore

Midwest I'd consider trying for a beach house on the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Day trips to Chicago (shopping and other tourist things, good museums), Detroit (don't know of too many things to see there), and many other points in the midwest. You won't be too far from the woods. Plus SW Michigan does have some festivals and other summer-type activities. No Mountains though.

Really if you are going to consider the midwest, plan on a lot of driving and rual areas. If you want a higher density of city/suburbia then you'll want the East Coast.
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If you read the Misty/Stormy books in your youth, you might want to check out Chincoteague Island. Assateague National Park is right next door and is stunning - no development, clean beaches, migratory birds, and wild ponies. Oh, and yummy seafood.
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South Walton County in the FL panhandle.
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HA! I second the Florida Panhandle. Navarre Beach, Seaside or Destin. Beach heaven and tons of amazing day trips.
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Provincetown, MA.
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I second the Maine coastline vote, more specifically Damariscotta or South Harbor.
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I don't recommend Destin. Traffic is hell in the summer there.
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