PayPal spending suggestions?
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US$5000 in PayPal cash. Can't withdraw it easily (long story). Need to spend it online. Not based in the US or Canada. Any suggestions of how to spend it (interesting or cheap or boutique shops or causes or opportunities that take PayPal and ship/download internationally?) Open to anything and everything.

Oh - except Ebay ... already thought of that.... unless there are some cool PayPal shops there that I probably don't know about.

Anyone that offers me convoluted, ultra-nifty ways to get the money out of PayPal will get major negative points. I'm spending this!
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Etsy - some shippers will do international
iTunes takes paypal.
Child's Play, the gamers charity for kids, is one of the ton of charities that take paypal donations.
Almost every indie comix artist takes paypal for their comics.

What are you into?
posted by Gucky at 5:51 PM on January 24, 2007 is my hands-down favourite place to spend extra PayPal cash. Not all sellers take PayPal, but most do.
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One thousand sock puppets, of course.
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Make a donation to Modest Needs.
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1000 copies of Ojingogo?
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I haven't touched PayPal for ages (my ten-foot barge pole is at the shop), but doesn't it have the ability to create a sort of "virtual credit card" that can be used to spend money at any place that takes credit cards?
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send it to me and i'll get you a certified check for $4500
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I don't mind doing a little self promotion here by saying if you are in the market for some photography, I totally accept Paypal....:)
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I totally accept paypal donations.... ;)

I would try going to your favorite places online to shop and see if they accept paypal.

Good luck, it's not everyday someone acquires that much money, even if it is paypal.
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Response by poster: Gucky: "What are you into?"

Anything and everything. Got a ton of nephews, nieces, relatives and friends with divergent interests.

krisjohn: The virtual credit card thing doesnt work for me (international account?)

Feel free to self-promote (if that is allowed here).
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OR, here is a thing on paypal that tells you who accepts it.
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As for causes, sponsor a small business in a developing company by giving a loan through kiva.
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Arrange a transfer with someone that can withdraw it and then return it to you as cash.
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Can you use it to open an online casino account and then withdraw it some other way? (Just a suggestion; don't know whether it's feasible at all/in your particular circumstance)
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I don't know if we're allowed to self-promote, but I know a website that takes PayPal and makes wonderful gifts...

(also seconding PayPal Shops. I always search there first when I need to buy something online.)
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Ha, bink, I also know a website that takes PayPal and sells some nice products. But it would be crass for me to post the link here, I guess. ;)
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Buy 1000 Metafilter sockpuppets? You could have some serious fun!
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Get yourself a new HDTV?
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Why not just transfer it to someone with a paypal account who can convert it to cash (hell, i could for 5% after fees, maybe your bank could give you a better deal)? Is this the net version of Brewster's millions or something?
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Wikipedia's looking for donations.
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How about getting the Paypal debit card and using it like any other Mastercard?
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Oooh, if you need anything graphically designed... (okay, unlikely.)
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