How to get my LCD television a few inches higher?
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Does something convenient exist that can elevate my LCD TV a few inches - like a monitor riser, but for a 37" television?

I have a 37" LCD TV on a pretty standard TV stand that is 24" high. I'm currently looking for a new TV stand (for other reasons), and I'd prefer it to be a few inches taller than my current one, so the TV is a little higher. Unfortunately, I've done an awful lot of looking and so far everything I've yet seen that I (even slightly) like and can afford (not much) is between 20" and 24" tall.

They make risers for monitors - like this and this. Does such a thing exist for televisions? Since it's LCD, it's not like it has to support the elephant weight of a CRT. I would need it to be at least 31" wide, 17" deep, and able to support about 55 lbs. The closest I've found is this, but because it's meant for a monitor, it's still too small and also has features I wouldn't really want/need, such as the drawer and the "holes" for CDs and a cup.

I'm sure I could build something, but I'm not really the DIY type. I'd much prefer to just buy something (as long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg).
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Could you use a TV platform, like this turntable from Crutchfield? It meets your size requirements (it's 31.5" wide and 19.6" deep). However, it only raises the TV by 1.5", is that enough?

You might also look at some of the bases from IKEA's EFFEKTIV series. In particular, this one, is 33.5" wide, 16.9" deep, and 5.5" tall.
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Try a metal shop, often odd objects can be "found" in the sense that your needs make your abilty to spot the right size, shape, "feel" and weight are sharper. That same shop might be able to weld up a very good solution which you can paint. DIY can also mean "Delegate It Yourself" as well.
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If you draw what you want on graph paper, then call a carpenter/cabinetmaker or a metal machine shop (depending on your taste) in your area, you can probably get something built that is exactly the right size and shape for under $100.

They may also have good ideas that you have not yet considered.
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Damn you, preview. What Freedomboy said. :)
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can you take off the stand and attach it to a wall?
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Cinder blocks.
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there's a disturbing variety here! (sort by price, the things you want are on the cheaper end.)
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These are some good links and ideas, thanks! (More are certainly welcome; I haven't made any decisions yet.)

stupidsexyFlanders: I could, and that would certainly make things easier, but I've thus far avoided doing anything worse to the walls in my apartment than putting in a couple of very small nails, and I'm aiming to stick to that if possible (to avoid the cut from my security deposit, which I have reason to suspect this apt. complex would gouge me on).
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I use reams of paper. They are cheap, and if you ever run out of paper, you can sacrifice it in a pinch. Put a cloth or something between the tv and the paper, and you have a nice shabby chic design.
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Do a Google search. They DO exist I've seen them before.

If you've only got a cheapy little tv-stand you might be better off saving and getting a new pedestal or cart for it.

Quick search yielded this:
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PetiePal: I searched Google heavily before posting, as is my way, but I wasn't having any luck.

If you've only got a cheapy little tv-stand you might be better off saving and getting a new pedestal or cart for it.

Like I said, I am buying a stand (for other reasons), but I haven't been able to find one that's both the height I would prefer and meets my other requirements. (Very few are even the height I desire - except very narrow ones meant for TVs much smaller than mine.)

The links you gave ( are for monitor risers, which, like I said, are too small. Most people don't have 37" computer monitors, after all.
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