"Are you experienced" -- as a vaporizer user?
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To those in the know, please recommend a high-quality, efficient and reliable, solid and durable vaporizer.

A friend of mine -- okay, okay, it's me -- is in the market for a vaporizer to relieve his (my) lungs of the assorted nasties in his (my) favorite green combustible product. Not that it matters in the least, but as a user, I'm two-thirds medicinal (migraines) and one third recreational.

Preferred feature set:
-Easy to set up and clean (for my migraine-addled fingers)
-Good for one or two hits and no more (low consumption)
-Guaranteed to produce the effects and taste I'm familiar with
-A few high-tech niceties, if the new models have them

Any product recommendations? My migraines are on an upswing, so any advice would be appreciated!
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I drool over the Volcano Vaporizer, but it is over $500. What is your budget?

Try to make sure to get a convection rather than a conduction model, as conduction can cause the material you are smoking to burn.
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You won't get the taste you are used to.
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I've heard good things about the happy vappy.
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Seconding the Volcano, though the only reason I have one is because I have a kind friend who has way, way more money than I do. It's pretty much the gold standard.

The effects and the taste will both be different. It does take some getting used to. The effects are a little more like eating rather than smoking, and the taste is very green. Or nutty, if you turn the heat up a little. My mouth doesn't get as dry and my appetite doesn't usually change as much as with smoking.

The process is kind of fun actually. It's like Jiffy Pop! As far as I know, it's the preferred method for therapeutic users.
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Vapolutions are quite nice, or so I've heard from people who do that kind of stuff but I don't so I wouldn't know.

They're a good price and you should spring for the $10 All-In-Wonder piece as it makes things 100 times simpler.

The taste is definitely different - almost unpleasant. People describe it as "buttery popcorn", but I've heard it described by people who do these sorts of things as "microwaved lawnmower clippings".

It will extend your stash 2x or so, which will save you $$$ in the long run.
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My preferred "smoke free" method is steeping the green in really strong alcohol, then drinking the booze.
You can't get any easier on the lungs.
Here's the details from a past Ask.
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If you can't go with the volcano, I like Vapor Bros.
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