Online chocolate purchase - Toronto.
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Where can I order Godiva Truffles (or any other premium chocolates) online to be delivered to Toronto?

I guess I'm already looking for Valentine's Day gifts for my girlfriend, and Id like to send her some nice chocolates. I first thought of Godiva truffles, but I'm open to any other suggestions you might have, so please feel free to recommend other kinds.

I need to order them online and have them delivered to Toronto. I'm not familiar with Canadian stores that would sell this kinda stuff, so I need your help.
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Quick Google search brought up The Sweet Basket which is in Montreal. However, they deliver to Ontario.
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Although Godiva doesn't deliver outside of the US through its website, you could try calling one of their Toronto locations and see if they would ship the chocolates locally for you.
(Your previous question indicates you are in South America, so I'm not sure how that would work out payment-wise; I would think with a credit card you would still be fine?)
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There's the Nutty Chocolatier, a local Toronto store. Their website seems to be on the fritz, but you can google the name and get their phone number and call.

Rocky Mountain Chocolates is a chain, with Toronto stores, and their website works, and I like their chocolate better than Nutty.

I'm sure either of those places would be happy to hook you up.
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I'd want Callebaut.

And, I'm not sure about their delivery, but Stubbe's in TO....
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Frankly, althanis, Godiva truffles are merely average.

Considerably better, and not nearly as overpriced, are the ones from Harry and David.

And in a different universe are the ones from Kron Chocolatier, though they seem to ship only within the US. If you call them, they might find a way to get them to Toronto, though.
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Why go with a large generic corporation when you could have hand-made chocolates from a small chocolatier in the most unlikely of places, Tallahassee, FL?

I've had Pierre Vivier's chocolates many times, and to be quite honest, don't really enjoy mass-manufactured confectionry anymore. They're simply divine, and Rainey (Pierre's wife) will be happy to speak with you over the phone about shipping to anywhere in the world.

The saddest thing is that Pierre will be moving back to France soon, and I haven't found a replacement for him yet. :(
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Oh, they'll also be more than happy to trade emails, too - I didn't mean to imply that you'd need to call. They're just such nice people that I usually would anyway.
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Best answer: Toronto: JS Bonbons! Or any one of the places linked from this blog entry (not my blog). I've only waked by JS but it has a good rep. And I found it all with a little magic.
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I forgot: JS delivers in Toronto and has a lovely Valentine's day tin box with a selection of 18 bonbons for about $35. But with Valentine's and all, I'd call early, as I'm sure they'll be busy.
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Best answer: GuyZero writes "Toronto: JS Bonbons! Or any one of the places linked from this blog entry (not my blog). I've only waked by JS but it has a good rep. And I found it all with a little magic."

Absolutely, hands down. The only comparable chocolates I have had in Toronto are from Celestin (black pepper and rose petal? Jesus yes). Just give JS a call (Jenn is an absolute sweetheart), and tell 'em what you want.

Seriously. JS Bonbons ftw.

And if they don't deliver, call First Choice courier.
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I know it's not what you asked, but beware Godiva! They're all marketing and no product. They practically admit as much. To that end, I'm not sure if they deliver to Toronot, but Vosges has a particularly incredible selection of truffles.
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John & Kira's will ship to Canada, as will La Maison du Chocolat.

They both make fantastic chocolates.
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Burdick Chocolate will ship to Canada, and are just about the best chocolates I've ever had (and I've had a lot of different kinds).
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I can seriously recommend Chocolate Express

We used to do the Chocolate tasting club, and it was ONLY the finest chocolates all the time. They had no problems shipping to Japan.
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I would imagine that Teuscher would deliver to Canada.

I love their chocolate.
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Best answer: i've never tried them, but i know teuscher chocolates can be bought in toronto in the manulife centre. while googling the address for you, i found this pretty thorough-looking blog, which includes contact info for that chocolatier and several others in toronto. good luck!
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Leonidas are excellent Belgian chocolates. Far superior to Godiva. Just had to say, as my partner brought some home last week (air shipped to a shop in Johanesburg, no less).

Good truffles are typically fairly soft. The chocolate exterior should be quite thin. Amature truffles tend to be little different from what I think are known as 'bonbons' in the States, and called 'pralines' (pra lin ays') in Belgium (the kind like Russel Stover).
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althanis, seriously, go with js. Not least because then your sweetheart can go get more if she wants, with no trouble :)

(But mostly because it's amazing chocolate. And because Jenn is such a doll.)

(I am not Jenn.)
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