Is the Nike Triax Speed 300 worth it?
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Nike Watches -- is the Nike Triax Speed 300 worth it? I've had problems with the resin bands on older models.

Is the Nike Triax Speed 300 worth it?

I'm the owner of a Nike Triax Speed 100, the older model. While I like the watch, the glue on the resin band has loosened, ruining the seal between the band and the metal watch head. The Speed 300 seems to be mostly metal, and doesn't have the same metal-to-resin seal as the 100, but still has the resin band meeting the metal parts in some areas. I want to know if the Speed 300 is worth it, or will I run into the same problems that I did with the 100.

Better yet ... what I really like about the Nike watches is the angled face, which sits better on my wrist for everyday wear. Is there another brand that's like it?
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Short and sweet - no, don't buy it. I've bought my daughter two of them, and the band broke both times. The first time you think it's a fluke, and the second time you realize, no, it's not a fluke - this band is crap. I also bought her the Presto Cee style twice, which had the same sort of issue - the band (all plastic) cracked after about 3 months of daily wearing. I'm a slow learner, apparently!

Unfortunately I don't know of another brand that does the angled face yet. That is a fantastic feature...
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@iconomy: The band material is the same on all Triax's I believe, so chances are if you bought both watches at the same place you were subject to a bad batch, since I doubt the retailer had watches from different batches.

FWIW, the OP didn't seem to have this problem and I know people with old Triax watches who have never had the band issues described by both yourself and the OP.
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I hate Nike watches - big, bulky and breakable. Sorry Lance.
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Loto, the two watches I mentioned have completely different band styles; my mentioning the Presto Cee (which has a solid plastic band like a bangle bracelet) was just to show that my overall experience with Nike watches is that they have crap bands. As far as the Triax goes, I bought one online and one in a shop, not both in the same place, and the glue seal on both broke, which is what frogan described.
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I hate Nike watches - big, bulky and breakable. Sorry Lance.

Any suggestions on non-Nike models with similar features (e.g. angled face or good wrist-fit)?
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angled faces? not that I know of, but there might be some.

I like Timex Ironman watches. They are not expensive, they have the functions I want, and they fit more like a regular watch, even the heart rate monitoring ones. There is undoubtedly something better, but I have had several of these and liked them. Now, if I would just stop losing them.
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