Video image stabilization after the fact.
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Where can I get video Image stabilization software or site?

I have some existing footage (avi format, mostly) but it was shot with hand-held cameras and (apparently) my hands shake like a paint mixer. My camera(s) don't have IS built in. Is there a site online that will stabilize a video for me? (free is good.)

Or software to download that will do it? I use a Mac, and would prefer to run Mac software, but I have a Windows and Linux available, too.

Thanks in advance!
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iMovie has a $50 plugin that does this called Slick Stabilizer (actually it does other things too.)

There are some other 'general' ones as well here
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My video editor friends at a local post house use 2d3's SteavyMove After Effects plugin It appears this plugin is only available for the Windows version of After Effects.

You can see a "shaky camera" fix in action for which I believe SteadyMove was used in the "Finishing Touches" video on their homepage (top row, middle column).
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I've played with the free Deshaker plugin for Virtual Dub on Windows, and it does a pretty good job.
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