jip jop?
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Any suggestions for spanish/portuguese hiphop/rap like you can hear in Gotan Project's Mi Confesión (Coxmoz) or Bajofondo Tango Club's Miles de Pasajeros? Similar arabic hiphop would be welcome as well.
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I don't know any of the above Artists? Movies? Plays? whatever, but I've seen Ozomatli a couple times, and they are very good. Latin/Hip Hop and more.
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Best answer: I've never heard Gotan Project (though I like the one song I've heard from Bajofondo Tango Club). Just to throw out a few names, I like Racionais MCs from Brazil and Orishas and Anonimo Consejo from Cuba. I've heard that Chile and Cuba are supposed to have especially good hip-hop scenes.
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Best answer: I haven't listened to any Gotan Project, so my guess of what you're looking for might be a bit off, but I'm pretty fond of the Orishas myself.
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Nação Zumbi is very good Brazilian music. Mombojó or Cordel do Fogo Encantado are also good. It's called mangue beat if you listen to the above recommendations and want to find more.
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Best answer: Daara J rap in a crossover of dialects (french/portuguese/senegalese) and they are unbelievable to say the least. Enjoy!
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I enthusiastically second winna's suggestions and add DJ Dolores to the list.
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Check out Quango Records - they have a number of artists that make the kind of music you like
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