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NBA Rule 1: Court Dimensions
Section Ii: A half-circle shall be created 4' from the center of the basket.

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Best answer: I believe you need to be outside of that line in order to draw a charge, probably to keep you from undercutting someone.
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Call me jay has it. It's the restricted zone for drawing charges.
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I've also heard it called the "Shaq" rule. The conspiracy theory goes that it was created after Jordan retired so Shaq could bowl over people at will under the basket and up his stats, thus making him more marketable.
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Response by poster: Wow, cool, thanks!
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i think this zone was also implemented to increase the flow of the game and keep the big guys from fouling out. this way, when shaq bowls someone over, there is no penalty called and thus no stoppage, bonus shots, or individual penalty.

it also allows for some pretty flashy, crowd pleasing, and legal collisions.
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