What comprehnsive program is best for a digital camera newbie?
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I'm looking for recommendations for a program that can organize photos, burn them to CD/DVD, and works with an online photofinisher (preferably Shutterfly).

My aunt, who is possibly the most gentle soul on the planet, has not succeeded in becoming proficient with the software that she now uses with her digital camera.

At the moment she uses Shutterfly, Picture Project, and an old version of Adobe's Album program. She would like a soup-to-nuts program that would combine Shutterfly's ability to order prints, Picture Project ability to burn to CD, and Album's ability to organize picture files. One of her main problems is that she has so many photo databases to manage...whatever is on the camera's card, the three programs/services, plus managing pictures from within Windows.

Her camera is an 8.0 megapixel Nikon, not sure which model. She has a 3-year old Dell PC with 512MB of RAM and a P4 processor.

She's a smart lady but just isn't good with technology. Ease of use is paramount. She's willing to spend up to $100.

Anyone have recommendations?
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My only lament after switching to a Mac is that Google doesn't offer Picasa for OS X. It's free, it's easy, your non-techno-savvy aunt will love it.
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Seconding Picasa -- I hooked my mom up with it, and she seems to like it.
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Try Kodak Easyshare. It works with all digital cameras, not just Kodak's, is free, and has built-in CD/DVD burning and integrates with what used to be Ofoto for prints. Back when iPhoto used to suck, I used this instead.
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More Picasa love here.
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Yes, Picasa is the best. I, too, just bought a new Mac and I miss Picasa ever so much. It is so simple to use and does everything you need it to.
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Picasa. It does everything she needs, is simple and intuitive, and she can also create online photoalbums with just a click or two.
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Is there a user's guide to Picasa? I have the same questions as this one. As a Mac user I know iPhoto, but I need to help someone set up a Photo app on a PC and without a good user guide (in print) I think Picasa might scare off the non-tech savy people I want to help?
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Nth-ing Picasa. So easy to use, and the new Web Albums feature is great.

There is a printable user manual (link to PDF), and an online user guide.
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