Learning to surf; book and video suggestions?
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anyone have any suggestions for books or vids/dvds on learning to surf? (more inside)

i've been snowboarding for about 20 years, and waterskiing/wakeboarding for 10+ ... our recent adventure to costa rica ended up being more of a surf trip than anything else, in the process i added a new item to my list of very favorite things to do... my girlfriend and i would like to learn more before our next trip.

thanks in advance.
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"The Art of Longborarding, Volume 1" is a pretty nice summary of what you need to know to start longboarding. A cheap ($9.95) book called something like "Surfer's Start-Up" also covers the basics.

You might be able to skip a few months of painful lessons by reading books and viewing videos but the only real way to lean to surf is to do it You'll be in the line up with lots of people who are also in the process of learning and they'll have very little to do except talk while waiting for waves. Sometimes they'll say something useful. A one on one lesson from someone who surfs and who knows how to teach will help you immensely.
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Response by poster: cool. thanks rdr. actually we took an excellent lesson while in CR and plan to again ...

having taught a number of people how to snowboard, i'd be the first to say the only way to learn is to get out there on the slopes/breaks - but while there is still snow on the ground here in mpls - some reading and a vid will certainly help.
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