Yack! iMovie White Screen- No Like
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Got a new Macbook Pro. AVI files now show up as a white screen when imported into iMovie. I think that some codec is missing. I am not sure which one it is and would like a reputable source to download from. Any idea how to correct this?
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QuickTime: About Playing AVI files

You might need to install Intel-native XviD and AC3 codecs.
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try Perian with quicktime. try exporting from there into .mov?
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I suggest downloading the Free DivX trial. It comes bundled with the free DivX Community Codec that gets plugged into Quicktime; I haven't had a problem viewing AVI since I did this.

You don't need to upgrade to the non-free version; the codec is free.
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I found this to be very useful: Codec Pack for all the new Mac Users!

As for reputable, best I can do is say that this blog post was linked to on digg, made it to the front page, and I didn't see any angry comments there.
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The Codec Pack worked! I dropped the whole set in Library:QuickTime and tabbed over to iMovie and the white screen was gone and my movie was there! I don't know what codec fixed it but I am not complaining. Thanks onalark!
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I know you found what you're looking for, but I have found that even with the codec pack there are many files that Quicktime will refuse to play.

That being said, I haven't found a file that VLC Media Player won't play.

AND it's free.
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I think VLC still has problem with a lot of WMF files.
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