Can I get a business credit card sans business?
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Do you have to have a business to get a business credit card?

One of the big finance companies has been regularly sending me letters via mail and email congratulating me for qualifying for their platinum business credit card. The perks of the card are better than my current card and it offers a nice no-fee 0% APR on transfers, so I am considering transferring my (small) balance to the new card. My existing card is with the same company that is offering the new card.

However, I don't have a business of any kind. Will they still give me the card? If not, why would they send me this offer, since ostensibly they should know if I own a business or not? (I'm generally pretty credit savvy, so no need for the typical beware-of-credit-card-small-print advice.)
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They don't really care.
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They don't care. I got a business credit card from AMEX once for the same reason (good rates and perks). For business name I just put the name of my website at the time.
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No, you don't really have to have a business, usually, although some issuers are harder about that than others. If they are, you can easily register a dba (or start an LLC, it's cheap in most states) One advantage (or disadvantage, depending on your perspective) of a business credit card is that they only show up on your personal report if you fail to pay your bill on time.

The only problem is that a rare few of the issuers actually check your business' credit through Dun & Bradstreet or one of the other business CR issuers.

CreditBoards has a business credit section that can answer any questions you have about getting credit as a business rather than individually.
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Nah. Consider yourself an out-of-work freelancer or consultant.
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You can be a sole proprietor of a business that does nothing. The business name and tax id are your name and SSN.
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Careful. They may not allow you to do a balance transfer between two cards from their company. Discover doesn't allow that, for example.
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AmEx sent me a business card (unsolicited, but appreciated) just for having a website. At the time I didn't have a business.
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I agree with textilephile that you probably won't be able to transfer your balance. Sorry.
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just get another card from a different company, transfer the balance over there, then transfer it to the business card.
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