Any Atlanta doctors comparable to U of M doctors?
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Living in Michigan, I have always felt safe using doctors from the University of Michigan Health System. I recently moved to just north of Atlanta (Gwinnett County). Is there a comparable health system in Atlanta?
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I believe that most of the hospitals are under the same system (KP?). However, from my experience, and from what I have heard from family members working in the hospital system around Atlanta, Peidmont hospital and affilated practices are the best.
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Sorry that should be Piedmont Hospital.
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U of M is JCAHO & CMS compliant, maybe start with that?

You could also just call your old PCP and have them recommend someone in your new area. They all network and know each other from conferences and research projects, as well as medical school and residency programs. I have had excellent results just e-mailing them - but if you are uncomfortable with that and they were with Family Medicine, just drop me an e-mail and I will ask someone - I used to work in that dept. and my best friend still does.
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Emory Healthcare is what you're looking for, I think. University affiliated, with top notch centralized services, and a number of affiliated office practice locations in Gwinnett County. I was a satisfied PCP patient at Emory Medical Affiliates at 1845 Satellite Blvd. in Duluth for many years.
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Emory in general is great but as always it depends on whom you see and what your problem is. Are you looking for a specific type of practitioner?
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Gwinnett Medical Center and its affiliated hospitals and specialty centers (pain management center, day surgery center) are great. Plus you don't have to go to midtown just to see a doctor or get a test.
I have had my appendix out and bunion surgery at GMC and both were very positive experiences.
If you need a very special specialist, Emory is the place to go. But I think most healthcare in the Atlanta metro area is going to be better than average because of Emory. A lot of graduates stay and practice here.
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