Being in love with being in love?
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Is there a term for being in love with the concept of love?

Back when I was in ninth grade, we were reading Romeo and Juliet, and my teacher went over some literary terms and descriptions (like Aristotelian tragedy, deus ex machina, etc.). One of them was a specific term or description of someone who is in love with the idea of being in love. I remember thinking it was a great word or term, and that I shouldn't forget it, but bam, there it is, forgotten. Anyone know what it is? Google fails me, and I am starting to think I just dreamed it.
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Best answer: Petrarchan lover?
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Was it "courtly love"?
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The simple Greek root mashup for "philophilia" shows up with the definition in google searches, but it really doesn't sound like a word any of my English teachers would've used.
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"But I haven't learned yet
What love may be
But I love to love
And love being loved
And that is a whole lot
Of unlearnedness."
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Response by poster: Petrarchan lover sounds like it would be right, and after googling it, it would make sense that it would come up in English class.

You guys are awesome.
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I dunno, but Rodgers and Hart wrote a song about it.
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One of my teachers used that ("in love with love") as the definition of infatuation.
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I had heard the term "erotomania", but looking it up on the internets, it appears that's more about being under the delusion that someone is in love with you who actually isn't.
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Hopeless romantic.
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My ex-husband. In love with the idea of being in love. As soon as reality crept in, he was off on his next adventure. Meh.
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Isn't there a song about the "love jones?"
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