Suggestions for Ireland themed movie screening in East Timor.
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Suggestions wanted for movies for screening in East Timor...

An Irish friend who works in the development community in Dili, East Timor has the bright idea to run a movie screening.

To quote my friend:
I see a lot of parallels to Ireland post independence. A small poor island on the edges of a continent, long colonial history, dominated by large imperial neighbour, war of independence, civil war, partition, catholic, high birth rate, subsistance agriculture economy and adpoted as a national language one that less than 5% of the populatioin can speak - all applies to both countries.

So I am showing films about Ireland's development that could be relevant to Timor. The program has got a bit heavy and dark, so I am looking for suggestions on other Irish films you cna think of that might be relevant - and if they are about reconcillation and happy things, all the better!

The Irish Film Institute are all behind it, and I am having lunch with the Ambassador here next week when I hope to finalise the list of films. So maybe you three film buffs can help me out? "

I've suggested to him that he also consider truth & reconciliation and some movies a more feel good nature. Without being too preachy...given the volatile situation in East Timor a bit of a laugh might be good medicine right now.

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Sounds like a great idea.

The best I can do is point you to this database, which might help you find something.

My first thoughts were Angela's Ashes, Into the West and The Boxer.
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