What sort of condiments go well with a hard boiled egg?
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What sort of condiments go well with a hard boiled egg? I'm thinking - if I pre-make a bunch, and bring them to work with me as a quick & easy snack - how many different ways can I sass 'em up?

(BONUS: has anyone tried a "mayon-egg"? You know - the snack that Ann Veal from Arrested Development used to eat?)
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As a kid, I used to love 'em as deviled eggs with the yolk mixed with mayo & sweet pickle relish...
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Pickle Relish, Mayo and mustard, mixed with the egg yolk, and placed back inside the boiled egg white. You can call this the "Deviled Egg".
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I always liked just plain salt and pepper. Oh, and hummus goes surprisingly well too IMO.
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Best answer: My roommate's entry into our apartment's sandwich making contest is the "Costa Rican" (developed while surfing himself nearly bankrupt in Costa Rica).

1 sliced hard boiled egg with Guacamole and Tabasco sauce on toasted white bread.

Try it, it's a veritable masterpiece.
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Scotch them?
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Invest in those little snap-top condiment cups. Salvage sauces from last night's dinner, carryout, whatever.

Examples: hot sauce, salsa, good mustard, soy sauce, kind of salad dressing, leftover Indian food, tomato sauce, red wine reduction with sauteed shallots, adobo sauce...
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ketchup, cheese, pepper!
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Fresh dill, parsley, chives.
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I like to mix any hot/dijon mustard with mayonnaise and douse liberally. I guess it's sort of like Deviled Eggs, minus the relish, but I think that's key.
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Soy sauce.
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I eat my hard-boiled eggs with pepper and sometimes "that mustard," which i get through heavenly ham--but any kind of good sharp gourmet mustard would work. I need to start doing this for my lunches, too. Yum.

As for mayon-egg... egg salad's always good. Relish, mayo, salt, pepper, good to go.
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A slice of sharp cheddar cheese and a few drops of honey.
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OMG, creamy french dressing. I won't put an egg in my salad unless creamy french is available.
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I've never myself tried the "mayon-egg" but I wanted to give you "props" for referencing it!! I love Arrested Development!
This sounds like a great idea for a snack, I'm going to use some of these suggestions too. Great question!
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Paprika. Or you could do the egg & cress sandwich, especially if you have watercress.
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Bleu cheese dressing.

Newman's Own Caesar dressing.
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Seconding egg salad. If you're in the south, try Duke's Mayonnaise. It's a few steps up from Helmann's.
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Throw some feta, garlic, and lemon juice nto a blender/robocoup/cuisine art and let it run until it's all smooshed up - add olive oil to loosen up the consistency if you like. Chopped fresh parsley or cilantro mixed in or on top is nice. Yum.
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Sprinkle on some Old Bay Seasoning.
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Salt and pepper and vinegar.

I've used various kinds of vinegar: plain white, apple cider, rice (which adds a sweetish flavor), and red wine. All good.
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tarragon mustard.
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Best answer: dijon mustard
honey mustard
salt and pepper
chili powder

just about anything with a little acid to it is good on a boiled egg
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Salt and chili powder.
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Russian dressing.

That was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the question, but the strange thing is, I can't recall ever having had a hard-boiled egg with Russian dressing, and yet I'm certain that they would go well together.
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Yellow mustard. Nothing else works. Nothing I say!
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Dry mustard, curry powder, onion powder, celery seed and Tabasco mixed into mayo.
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Lowery's season salt. Or Penzey's spices has all kind of cheesy/salty mixes.
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mayo & curry powder. mmm.
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Best answer: I love eggs with Maggi Seasoning. I saw really small one-serving type bottles at the store the other day if you're into that. I'd rather just buy the giant bottle and squirt it into a small container.

As long as you're pre-making it, you might want to try making Chinese Tea Eggs and you won't need to pack in separate condiments.

There's a recipe here for tea eggs. I usually just use tea, soy sauce, and star anise to make them and they taste pretty good. Oh yeah, when it says to crack the shells after hard-boiling them, don't crack them so that they fall off the egg. Just crack them slightly to get a nice marble effect when soaked in the sauce.
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Sassed up, eh? What you want is pickled eggs. Hard boil them, shell them, and marinate them in something vinegary and flavorful. The juice from pickled beets is traditional, with black peppercorns added for extra zing. The juice from canned jalapenos is totally untraditional but very good. Anything else sweet-sour-flavorful will probably work. Experiment.
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(FWIW, nakedsushi's "marble effect" trick also works on these, and gives a pretty stunning effect if you're pickling in bright magenta beet juice.)
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Save the juice from a can of pickled beets and toss in a few HBE's - pretty and tasty.
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Make up a batch of onion jam. For an egg, a version without lots of sugar might be better.
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nthing hot sauce of any kind: sriracha, Louisiana hot sauce, Tabasco. Worcestershire sauce is good on them too.
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spicy Thai peanut sauce
Durkee sauce
and of course, the ultimate indulgence: hollandaise
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This is a story I don't tell a lot, for reasons that will become apparent.

When I was a kid, I would cut hard-boiled eggs in two (the goal was to bisect the yolk), and then I'd remove the yolk. After I filled the yolk's space with kernels of corn, I'd try to eat each half-egg in two bites.

Strange, you say, but not bizarre? Well, each half of an egg was a boat, and each kernel of corn was a person. I played the role of the sea serpent. And they were delicious.
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Chutney! Try spicy mango, green tomato, onion & chilli, plum, Major Gray et al. Corn relish, Picalilli, tomato & raisin relish, onion relish, mustard fruits etc Pickles! Huge array of gherkins, tiny cocktail onions, pickled beets and all the fantastic wonderful things lurking in vats in your nearby deli.

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I can't believe no one has said horseradish. Fresh is preferred, but the jarred stuff is fine, as is the variety with beets in it. half a teaspoon on each half, plus a pinch of salt & pepper, and i guarantee your life will improve.
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A little bit of mayo, some salt, and freshly ground pepper.
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I like kalamata olives or dill pickles with hard boiled eggs.
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mayonaise and lots of paprika is my favorite topping for a hard boiled egg.
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1. Shell hard boiled egg.
2. Wrap in nori.
3. Profit!! Devour!!
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Peanut butter. Don't laugh.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the wonderful answers/ideas!
I look forward to globbing some of these substances onto my eggs in the near future!
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Italian salsa verde, a chopped-up mixture of:

Capers, pickles, olive oil, vinegar, shallots/red onions, and parsley. Traditionally, this has chopped-up eggs in it, but if you leave the eggs out, it becomes a great sauce for eggs. The crunch matches very well with the soft eggy texture.
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Worcestershire sauce has always been my family's default flavoring. It absorbs right into the yolk and if you put enough in there's a nice pool by the time you get to the bottom of the yolk.
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Wet Spot.
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