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I'm not politically savvy, and I want to know where candidates stand on certain issues. Is there a website that can do a simple side-by-side comparison?

I'm looking for something very simple. For example, when you are shopping online, say for cameras, a site may let you compare two or more models in a grid format. You can see each camera's physical dimensions, size of the LED screen, batteries required, memory card options, etc. I want something like that for politicians- Hilary, Obama, McCain, Edwards, etc- with categories like abortion, gay rights, social security, etc. I know of sites like the Cook Political Report, but I want something nice and dumbed down.

Does something like this exist or am I dreaming?
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Not quite a side-by-side comparison, but try the National Political Aptitude Test from Project Vote Smart. It's premature for the 2008 presidential election, but you can find current elected officials' archived responses from past elections.
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OnTheIssues is pretty much what you describe, except if you want two people side-by-side, you'll have to do it yourself with the windows. Otherwise, it's a good "dumbed down" list of where people stand on the major issues of the day.
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you know, the local public broadcasting stations often have great shows that devote ample time to local candidates. here in chicago, we have "chicago tonight" ... in LA they have KCET and their stuff ... you might want to see if there is anything for your tivo in your area. also great: NPR. check their website. if there is a person you are interested in, it's likely he or she has been there.
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Project Vote Smart has lots of good information about issue positions, campaign finances, public statements, etc.
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The local chapter of League of Women Voters publishes a voters guide that gives a comparison of candidates' positions for local elections.

Possibly, other chapters do the same as well.
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Not side by side ideological comparison, but maybe even more fundamental to the actions of the politican: campaign funding breakdowns. OpenSecrets. Go to the "Who Gets" tab. Then you can break it down by Sectors, Industries, Contributors, etc. Quite enlightening, but nothing unexpected.
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