converting .PSD files into .PNG files?
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What's the best automated way to convert multilayer .PSD files into multiple .PNG files, for the video game I'm developing?

I'm working on a computer game with an awesome artist. Said artist sends me her art as .PSD files with multiple layers in them.

My game needs .PNG files, with intact alpha channels, and sizes that are powers-of-two (16, 32, 64, 128, etc.)

I'm using Paint Shop Pro 7, which I've generally been very happy with, but it's not set up to do this without a lot of clicking and typing, and this artist is very prolific. So I'm looking for a better way/tool/source.
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Use Adobe Photoshop and you can automate repetitive tasks using Photoshop Actions.
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I don't think that's a very helpful suggestion. PSP also has a scripting tool, but the problem is that what he's trying to do isn't "repetitive". Each operation is similar but every one has unique elements (to wit, the filename he wants to save to).
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Actions might get you part of the way there but probably won't be flexible enough to do what you want. If you're good with Javascript or VBScript, you can probably write a script to do what you need to do. Photoshop is scriptable and supports both languages, as well as Applescript if you're on a Mac.
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Each operation is similar but every one has unique elements (to wit, the filename he wants to save to).

Uh, actions can save to filenames with field replacement in batch mode.
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Response by poster: Well, if I HAVE to pay for a copy of Photoshop, I guess I will, but with my considerable C++ experience, I'd almost rather code a solution (though I haven't found good code/specs on PSD files).

I guess I was hoping some other game developer had run into the same problem and created a specialized art tool that was good at this.
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ImageMagick is a wonderful command line tool and application library and it can do some very sophisticated things with images. I believe that it can manipulate PSD layers to some extent.
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I was hoping some other game developer had run into the same problem

This aspect of the problem doesn't crop up much because generally, it's part of the game artist's job to deliver the art in the exact correct size and format, ready to drop directly into the game.

Another option might be paying your layabout cousin a small amount to do a batch of them for you, but that's probably more hassle than it's worth.
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Yeah. First of all, usually artists want exact control over what gets exported into the game engine. Secondly, if the artist wants to work professionally in games, being able to save out, say, targas, with the appropriate alpha channel and sizing is part of the skill set she'll need. In a typical workflow, she'll iterate over a single piece of artwork: edit it, export it, see what it looks like in game, edit it again, export it again, etc. (In fact, if you can get her set up to iterate like this, your game will probably look better as a result.)
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I agree, this is something your artist should do.

An artist that provides content needing an unexpected (and not simple) conversion of their art before it's usable is not "an awesome artist". It's in my artists contracts that they must provide art that fits into the work flow. As blenderfish said, artists want that level of control. The last thing they want is a programmer screwing with it.

But if your artist got hit by a bus and you don't have money to hire a production artist to do the conversion, ImageMagick.
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Tell said artist to run this script on her photoshop, which will export all the layers as separate PNG files.

I tried finding a solution with ImageJ, but couldn't work it (though I'm sure it's possible).
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nthing that this should be the artist's job, not yours.
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