I need to get copies of my W2 and Tax Returns, Help!
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We're applying for a home loan and suddenly need all those tax documents we probably should have held on to. What to do?

Specifically we need the last 3 years of W2s as well as Tax Returns. Can copies be requested from the IRS? Would I go to previous employers for them? What exactly are our options?
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Can copies be requested from the IRS

Yes. File form 4506
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For the W-2s, you go to your previous employers. Just call the HR department. I've had no trouble getting this sent to me, even after address changes.
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Check whether tax transcripts will suffice. Tax transcripts are free and easy and quick to get. Photocopies of tax returns, less so.
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I forgot to mention, that in most cases, a "Transcript" from the IRS (which is available by filing form 4506-T) is more than sufficient for mortgage purposes. It contains essentially all of the relevant data from your 1040, 1099s and W2s.

In fact, when I, as a self-employed person, refinanced my condo a few years back, the lender required a transcript, mailed to them directly from the IRS. The copies that I had weren't good enough, because there was no easy way to verify that they were copies of the actual return that I filed.
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You can go to the IRS office in person with ID and get a transcript of your tax history going back 7+ years. I've done that before as part of a mortgage application. Easy as cake.
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zek FTW
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