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Possibly NSFW question: How can I (a man) harden and stretch my nipples?

What I'm looking for is the worked, always protruding nipples like on Steve "Titpig" Hurley (if you Google him, you'll find lots of NSFW gay-oriented images, so be warned). I've been using snake-bite suckers and even lots of twisting and tugging, but I'm really not seeing progress. I realize this might be a question better suited to e-mail responses since people with experience might not want to post a response, so I've set up a disposable Gmail account:
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I'm guessing--no personaly experience--that nipple clamps with weights, worn a lot, would be your bet.

Also, check out BMEzine.
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Some penis pump's function as nipple pumps. Google should help you, but here's one good source. And another.
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This summer, my girlfriend and I visited her brother at his house in Fire Island. I noticed that many of the older, buffer men on the beach had enlarged nipples. I mentioned it to our host; from what he knew, they use hand-powered vacuum pumps that connect to little cup-like cylinders that go over the nipple. From his descriptions, they were something like this. Maybe this has much more vacuum power than the type you are currently using.

On preview, serazin's links look like what he was talking about as well.
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First thing I could think of was to have a baby... But that wouldn't work out, and I think having a small child suckle you might be creepy and illegal. So maybe the breast pumps nursing mothers use if they want to bottle their own milk? If all else fails I know they have a surgery to fix girls nipples... and I am sure they could do it to guys or girls.
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Why don't you just email the Pig himself via his site? I'm sure he'd be glad to offer advice (and maybe more!).
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I suggest getting your nipples pierced. I've found that once they heal, slight amounts of scar tissue (if healed well, there should be minimal scarring, but enough) can raise nipples and make them "permahard". I've had many personal anecdotes related to me about this occurence. I second They are an invaluable resource for any body modifications you can dream of (and some you haven't).
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Don't use nipple clamps for more than about fifteen minutes at a time. I'm a pervert (or, if you prefer, a practioner of BDSM; "pervert" is easier to type) and I've been on both the giving and recieving end of these things.

If you wore them loose enough to not cause damage, they'd probably slip off (even without weights).

If you need some supporting info on this, let me know (email is in my profile; just get yourself a throwaway address so you can remain anonymous) and I'll ask my friend and fellow pervert who's a doctor. He'll know all the whys and wherefores.

Oh, and I've known a number of people who have had their nipples pierced. I don't know of anyone who experienced permanant enlargement. On the other hand, they all seem to undergo some change in sensitivity.
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I also suggest getting them pierced. Cruise bmezine.come for stories etc.
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One of my flatmates bought a little "nipple-sucker" (I have no idea what the correct English word might be) at the pharmacy here. It's just a small vacuum pump made to make you nipples stand out, geared towards breastfeeding women who occasionally may have a problem with the nipples. He used it regularly for some time, and according to him is worked beautifully.
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