What's the best Wiki software for a novice?
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What is the best Wiki software for an absolute novice? [more inside]

I'm setting up a Wiki where looks aren't that important but functionailty is. Yet, many of the install instructions I've run across go way over my experience level, and don't seem generally well suited to a 'relative' amateur (I've installed MetaPhilter, MT, PostCard and things like that). Any advice will be much appreciated.
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can you steal someone else's code and tweak it to make it yours? (like people do with webpages, and have done with metafilter)
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I found that Steven Frank's Wiki implementation was very easy to use, and install. He has made the software behind CocoaDev available here.
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Some suggestions in this other AskMe thread. Specifically, I've found PHPWiki to be very easy to install, as long as you're willing to do things in PHPMyAdmin that you don't understand (but the directions for which are explained clearly).
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PostCard? What's that?
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I use Qwikiwiki (sp?) for my laptop, as a personal notepad. It's about as easy to setup as could be desired: runs its own little server, takes up next to no memory.

I've used MoinMoin in the past, quite liked it. Very hackable, nice features.

I set up a ZWiki the other day. Easy enough to do, has some nice features for programmers (built-in issue tracker, f'rinstance).

If you're deploying for others to use, MoinMoin might be a good call. If it's for your own use, I strongly recommend Qwikiwiki; it's lightweight.
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I use Qwikiwiki too. Mostly as a way of keeping an up-to-date account of my job list. It allows my colleagues to see what I'm working on too.
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