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So I've finally switched isps, and have moved my blog to the new address...Is there any easy way to let everyone who has me on their bookmark list know? I don't know who or how many have me linked, for the most part. (Google shows my message about moving as the first link for "amberglow" so maybe i should just let everyone find me? The old blog url is dead already.) I'd been using sitemeter and can email each referrer individually but that's a pain, and won't catch everyone. Any suggestions?
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As one who is notorious for abandoning domains (hello, Evan) as if I were some sort of manic-depressive, I can assure you that people will find your new location without you doing a thing.

As soon as individuals begin mentioning your move and linking to your new domain, word will spread quickly.

Congratulations on your new abode, what is the URL?
posted by tenseone at 9:53 AM on February 28, 2004

You still don't have your old ISP account, do you? If you do, you can always do an automatic redirect to your new address. Better is to buy a domain (they're pretty cheap) for a permanent e-mail/web address and just redirect to whatever happens to be your locale-of-the-year.
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Response by poster: Thanks tenseone and brool--It's on my userpage, and a pain to type in. (i didn't want to selflink) : >

My old url is dead as of yesterday, but for the few days i still had it, i had a post redirecting people. (that's when google grabbed it) I'll look into buying the name, I guess (this new url really bites).
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Response by poster: ah, i got the url to be a little better--not the code, but my username and tilde, so that helps i guess.

I'll hope that people find it again.
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I second brool's idea (even though I have very little idea on how to implement it technically.)

I see that and .net are taken, but .org, .biz, .info, and .us are all available.
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Response by poster: ok--next paycheck (unless there's someone here with some extra cash, and a generous spirit?) ; >
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FYI: Godaddy is having a sale on .us/.biz and the like - something like $4.95 a year.

You can then use their forwarding tools to point directly at the URL where your data resides.
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Check your mail Amberglow :)
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Just piling on. For 6-8 bucks a year buying a domain and just having it forward to your real site can't be beat. Cheap and easy.
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doing a search in Google formatted as follows:

will tell you who links to you. at least you would then know who needs to know.
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Response by poster: thanks all! I'm going to buy one of the domains and forward it next week, and then i'll do the link: thing at google, and send emails.
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