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Did Google Maps yank their "leave a review" feature for businesses? All I see for my area are prepackaged reviews from Citysearch which aren't even specific to my city and aren't very useful. I see no user input links except for "Business Owners: Add/Edit Your Business". I distinctly remember leaving reviews there a couple of years ago.
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I never remember Google Maps having the reviews feature, but I'd be interested to read about it if there ever was. All I can ever remember seeing were the reviews from sites like city search, or other similar sites.
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Are you sure that it wasn't a mashup site, using the google maps API?
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Well, there are some there. The reviews seem to be culled from other sites such as and Citysearch (Perhaps that's what you mean by "prepackaged"). You can see an example if you search for "mandalay 94118," and check out the first result.
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