Help me fix my DS Lite?
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I own a DS Lite. Recently, the 'R' button has started to become somewhat non-responsive. It still works, but I have to push it really hard to get a response to it at all. I suspect that the contacts need cleaning. Since I've never done anything like this before, should I attempt to do this myself? By that I mean is it a relatively simple affair or would this be incredibly difficult to do? And if I were to go ahead and do it, what tools might I need to finish the job?
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Best answer: If it's still under warranty Nintendo of America will have it fixed and back to you in about 3 business days for free. Their service is truly fantastic and they even repaired an out of warranty GBA for me for a pittance.

To open a DS requires a proprietary screwdriver and it will void your warranty.
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Seconding Hindmost....

Your DS lite should be still be under warranty. I'd just give Nintendo of America a call or fill out their webform.

Unless you imported a foreign model, that is...there is some craziness with trying to get Japanese model fixed in the US.
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Response by poster: My reason for wanting to do this myself is because Nintendo of Australia want to charge me a $29 evaluation fee when I send it in to them.

And that's only if I have a copy of my reciept. Which I don't think I have anymore since I bought the unit almost one year ago now. Which means that warranty may not cover it and my costs would only increase.

But yeah, the proprietary screwdriver thing pretty much suggests that sending it off for repair is my only option...
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That's really bizarre. In the US the unit is automatically registered with the serial number upon sale. The DS lite was launched in March of 2006. Is it a 1 year warranty in Australia as well? If so it has to be under warranty still, so try taking it up with them again.

You can also try telling them you're a mefi celebrity with your own gold star.
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Response by poster: Yeah it's almost definitely still under warranty but Nintendo Australia's warranty desk told me that without a reciept they could only quote me for the cost of the work.

With a reciept it would be $29 for an evaluation and then, should they determine it's a manufacturing fault, they would repair the unit under warranty. Since I suspect its the contacts being a little dirty, I think its likely they'd find its not a manufacturing fault and I'd still end up getting charged anyway.

And as for my gold star, I think they'd be less than impressed when they discovered I gave up winning a second Wii for cold hard cash. If I were hardcore-Nintendo enough, of course I'd have wanted a second Wii, they'd say. Pish-paw! I want a video iPod, dagnamit! :)
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Best answer: I'd still send it in. I like building and rebuilding my computers. But taking apart dense little machines like iPod and DS lites are no fun. It's also easier to break some small thing inside.

That tri-wing screwdriver isn't really necessary. You can do the same with a flathead that's the same length as one the tri-wing arms. It'll just take more force to get the screw to initially turn. It also helps if you taper the point a little.

Here is a take-apart guide . If you're confident, you should just go ahead and open it up. I never watched it completely, but he seemed to know what he was doing.
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Response by poster: Hmmmm. Watching that video makes it look like a novice like me would probably only end up killing a DS Lite far beyond any button response issues.

Sigh. Very well. I'll have one last look for the reciept tonight and then send it off, one way or the other, in the morning.

Walks away grumbling and remembering the days when the Nintendo Seal of Quality actually meant something...
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