How can I get computers on a wireless and a wired network to see each other?
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I can share files between two Windows machines when both are wired to a router. When I go wireless with one, they don't see each other. Wireless internet connection works fine. [More inside.]

I have a desktop running Windows 98 which is connected to a Microsoft Wireless Router, model MN-700. I also have a tablet running Windows XP Pro Tablet Edition, which can be either wired to the router, or go wireless.

When the tablet is wired to the router, I can share files between the computers just fine. When I go wireless with the tablet, neither computer can see the other via the network. However, the internet connection on the tablet works just fine, even when it's wireless.

I initially had problems getting them to share files even when wired. I figured out that problem was due to ZoneAlarm, which I have running on both computers. Once I put the IP range of the network in ZoneAlarm's "Trusted" zone, they could see each other when the tablet was wired. However, I've tried disabling ZoneAlarm on both computers, but even then I still have the problem I described above.

I've Googled every combination of terms I could think of without finding anything useful. Any ideas?
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Response by poster: Well, I don't know what I did, but it's working now. I did turn off encryption on the router, then turned it back on (same settings as before)...maybe that reset something in the router that was going wrong?
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Your router almost certainly has firewalling built in (all the Microsoft models I searched for do). Why use ZoneAlarm?
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Response by poster: My understanding is that the router firewall only prevents malicious outside traffic from coming in, correct? I want ZoneAlarm to keep an eye on any unauthorized programs on my computers that might be trying to send traffic out.
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Yup. I do the same thing for the same reason. Just checking.
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