drum machine/sampler for $150 and under?
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I'm looking to buy a drum machine/sampler for general programming needs with an emphasis on hip-hop.

I've worked extensively with Reason's Redrum and want something which can function as a hardware equivalent (and maybe even more). If I had to get an Electribe, which model would best suit my purposes? I'm looking to spend no more than $150 so if there are some good alternatives to an E-tribe I would love to hear what you all might reccommend. Bottom line, if it's a machine that will best allow me to produce hip-hop (everything from old school to dirty south), idm, and "Beck/Flaming Lips/Go! Team"ish crossover genres, then i really couldn't ask for more.
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if you plan on making any sort of hiphop and the letters "MPC" are not in your solution, some would say you're heading in the wrong direction.

but if you're going to stick with the computer, get the akai mpd-24 controller and use it with redrum.
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I haven't priced E-tribes in a while, but have you ever seen them for less than $200-$250?

If you want cheap, the Zoom MRT-3 is pretty fun. There's even more expensive versions, but I've only used the MRT-3.
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To back what Senor Pantalones mentioned, use a controller and spend your money on these MPC sample sets. They're very high quality hip-hop sounds -- they have a free sounds section if you want to try them out.
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