Useless clutter or money makers in disguise?
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My husband has a bunch of Masters of the Universe toys that his parents saved from his childhood; they are all in good shape and most have the original boxes (although most of the boxes have seen better days). More within...

Not long ago, he had his parents unearth these relics from the attic in the hopes of turning a profit. His report to me was that the pricing on ebay for these toys wouldn't be worth the time and energy to post, auction, package, and ship.

A while back, I think I heard a rumor that Hollywood is planning to do a "Masters of the Universe" movie. Would it be better to hold on to these storage-space clutter toys with fingers crossed or should we bid them farewell and take them to Goodwill?
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I say Goodwill 'em. There are 8 gazillion of those things out there and everyone'll eBay them when the "time is right". They aren't worth that much, I suspect.
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Usually such items aren't worth too much unless they are in perfect condition, box included.
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Best answer: Just checked on ebay. These seem to be fetching a reasonable price. You sell them all as one lot on ebay, or if that's too much trouble drop them off at one of those ebay businesses.
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Of course it depends on several things (how many, which specific figures, and what constitutes enough money to be worth the effort for you).

The bottom line is that these will never be worth much. I think the movie rumor of which you speak did not pan out, and even if it had (or if someone else picked up the option) I think it would have little, if any, impact. They are neither rare nor particularly old, they are played with and the boxes are in bad shape. Give them away and let some kid have fun with them.
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