Time to get chippy with my ink cartridges?
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Have you replaced your inkjet print cartridges with a generic by physically moving the cartridge chip? This site gives instructions, but I can't tell if this will screw up my printer's ability to detect low ink levels or not. Does this work?
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No matter what it voids your warranty. If that's run out then have at it. Otherwise, pay the extra five bucks and buy the OEM ink. A new print head costs much more than the ink.

The chip does a few different things depending on the printer. It can detect ink level and/or ink color. Some printers will not function if they cannot detect the ink, so beware.
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A better bet, if you're an ink cheapskate like me, is to pick up a refill kit, and a chip resetter. I've got a handful of Epsons that I use for various creative endeavors, and I've had great luck manually refilling my carts and resetting the chip data multiple times.

You can get a multicolor refill kit for ~20 bucks, and a chip resetter (at least for Epsons like mine) on Ebay for about $5
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