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Using Object instead of iframe for Google Calendar embeds?

A client wants to play with the idea of embedding a particular Google Calendar. Google does this via iframe like so:

Since I prefer to use XHTML 1.0 Strict, iframe, being deprecated, doesn't validate. So I use the object tag like so:

Works fine in Firefox. Effectively crashes IE 6.

My Google Fu is at yellow belt and though I can find that people are having similar problems, I haven't found the exact one, nor if there is a solution that doesn't include ie conditional hacks. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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Wild guess here.

IE has a (big, huge, stupid) but where certain/most javascript will crash it if it runs during the... DOM rendering? I don't recall. Anyways, this is often a problem when embedding Google Maps - there's lots of talk about this bug in those areas.

Anyways, the work around is to either strictly control which items get run during On_Load or put off everything until IE finds it safe to run.

Again, WAG
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I think it's related to the lawsuit against MS preventing plugins, which are called by the object tag, from working without user verification.
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