iPods in Rental Cars
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Going to Scotland and don't want to blow up my new iPod, so I'm looking for some firsthand knowledge here -- do UK cars have the same kind of AC cigarette lighters? Will I be able to power the 'Pod with my Belkin car adapter in my rental car? Or do I have to spring for the "world traveler" adapter kit to power the blasted thing while I'm across the pond?
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Give me a shout when you're in Edinburgh , I demand a meetup !
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Do you want it for the plane ride or while you're there?
Mine lasted for the full flight to amsterdam and 2 hours of the return flight on one charge. If it's for use there, get any adapter and voltage converter--it doesn't have to be apple's. (and bring your adapter and cord)

Do a shout out to me, sgt!
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AC cigarette lighters?
Your cigarette lighter in your car is AC or do you mean DC?
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IIRC, really, really, really old British cars were made with a 6 volt positive ground system. That would be bad (tm) if there's no diode in your iPod (there's probably not).

Otherwise, I hear marmite might help for use in the UK. ;-)
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I think that all you should need in Scotland is a straightforward travel plug adapter. The adapter that converts FireWire to AC should be dual voltage (but of course check the small print on the Apple adapter - the white box - first).

This worked just fine for me in England and Ireland.

Of course, that doesn't answer your question with respect to use in a car, but may help you charge it before driving (and you should be able to play it in the car for several hours on one charge).
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Response by poster: I'm sorry; of course I meant DC.
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Car power is the same both sides of the pond.
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Indeedy, car power supplies over here are 12v negative earthed jobbies, just as over in America. This is so we don't have to rewire the cars to send them to you (or something).

If you want mains charging then I'd not bother with an adapter. Just wait til you get to yoru hotel and stick the power socket in the correct voltage outlet on the shaver charger in the bathroom. Maybe not the best idea, but it's how I've been charging my Ericsson phone for about a year now...
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