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I use Facebook, and it seems to have a great API. But how can I tie it in to me, and not my visitor?

I downloaded and setup the official Facebook client for PHP5. This, when you load it up, shows you all sorts of things about your profile such as how many messages you have, and how many are unread etc.

But before it shows any of that, I am sent away to Facebook to click "Authorise" for my web app. I assume PHP looks at your cookies to figure out who you are. Is there any way I can tie it in specifically to me? I am happy to feed it my username and password, and all I really want to display on my site is a few details like my current status, a few latest photos and so on.

Any help is much appreciated.
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The Facebook API is really meant more for making tools that other Facebook users can use, so I don't think you can avoid having it ask your visitors to log in.

It sounds like you might be able to do something like what you want through a custom Facebook Badge (requires login to create, but not to view).
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Response by poster: Ideally, a Facebook badge in HTML I can format myself is what I'm looking for!
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You could create a javascript badge and then parse that with php.
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