Dying CX7300 bogarting the digipix.. ideas?
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I've got a Kodak CX7300 that keeps dying on me, which has a bunch of pics I need to pilfer at some point, preferably before it dies off completely.

The batteries are fully charged and usuable (2x AA) in other devices, but when I turn the camera on, it stays on for a little while and then will give me low battery alerts and shut off. If I turn it off and try again, it will stay on again, but then die, this time much quicker. Subsequent attempts result in quicker deaths, unless I leave it alone for a day, and then it does the same thing with a longer life until finally dying, shorter and shorter lifespans again, etc. The longest it stays on is about 2 minutes give or take. If I take the batteries out and test them, they're still properly charged up, so it's not just draining them really fast. Tried different batteries, alkaline and rechargeable, standard and NiMH, etc.

To my knowledge there is not an AC adapter option, and the Kodak site is no help. I've got a bunch of junk on it I need to get off, but it never stays on long enough for me to yank stuff off in time =PP
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Just picking off the obvious low-hanging fruit here: If the pictures are on a removable memory card, you can whip that out and stick it in a standalone card reader.
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According to this site, "once the camera is placed in the dock, pictures are automatically uploaded to the computer and the dock recharges the camera’s battery pack". Do you have or can you borrow the dock? Is the internal memory removable?
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Internal memory in a Kodak CX camera is removable, assuming that the pictures aren't on the 16mb or so of memory built into the camera (I had a CX7330 a while back).

Your best bet is to remove the card and use a card reader to get the stuff off. Failing that, you might be able to find a dock pretty cheap. I actually have my old one lying around, but you'd need the plastic adapter plate that should have come with your camera.

On another note, I'm sorry to hear it's messed up--mine was the best little camera I've ever owned. Took incredible pictures, even though it was only 3 megapixels. Unfortunately, it got stolen on a trip in Austin.

New ones go for $30-40 on eBay if you're lucky--that would be another option, if you were willing.
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1. I've got an SD card that I use with it, but they're on the internal memory, not the card =/

2. Hmm, if there was a dock I never knew about it.. Maybe I can hunt one down cheap. Good idear =D
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We gave my mother a Kodak C503/C533 for Christmas and she had the same issue. The camera would power down even with good AAs in it. We were about to return it when she called Kodak support and they told her to use one of the recommended battery types, the CRV3 lithium battery and that did the trick. I belive it is the same battery type that is recommended for your camera model.

She bought the Energizer E2 brand, not the Kodak one. For the past 2 weeks her camera has been running fine. My wife also had the same experience with another Kodak camera she uses at work: the camera works fine with the recommeded batteries (sometimes only the Kodak brand) but will not work with regular AAs. Kodak cameras seem picky about the battery types they function with. Hope this helps.
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Hmm, weird. The camera is also recommended the NiMH kind but they do the same thing. Worth a shot, though! Thanks!
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