London based organisation who accept old computers
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I've got an old computer I don't need, and I'd like to donate it to one of those third world programs, rather than chuck it out. Can anyone point me to an organisation (preferably in London) who look after this?
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See here for a mixed list of second hand computer sellers/charities in the UK. These seem to fit the bill but who knows what actually happens to PCs? You might have to take your pick. The company I've highlighted specify a minimum of 233MHz, I imagine most have some standard. Might be wise to make sure you get one that promises to wipe the hard drive, might be wiser to do this yourself. They will pick up for a small fee or you can drop it off, but alas only in office hours.
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There are, it seems, reservations about such endeavors.
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Response by poster: OH, my, god - Computer Aid's workshops are less than half a mile from my home! Thanks Biffa - and thanks for the interesting link Danelope, I hadn't seen that before.
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Having read that article again, it appears that all of the stated qualms with donated machines result from inconsistency in the pre-installed licensed software. Someone needs to introduce these organizations to Open Source, and quick.
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Why not just sell the computer and donate the money? If the computer is worthless then donating the cost of shipping would be more useful than the computer.

Personally, I think the best solution is to put the computer out on the curb (on a non-garbage day) and wait for the "computer faeries" to wisk it away to a better home. Got rid of my 286 that way.

Oh, a format won't erase everything on the harddrive (like software can recover a lot of data), better to use bcwipe to give the drive a once over.
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