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highly interesting question! 3M 810 tape. is it polypropelene or maybe acetate? or is acetate just the base for the adhesive? what is the thickness of the tape? thanks
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Funny I thought it was celluloid.
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Want to know what common brands of tape are made out of? Ask a paper conservator! They state that Scotch Brand #810 Magic Mending Tape has a cellulose acetate carrier and an acrylic polymer adhesive.

According to a PDF found by searching 3M's website 3m.com, the backing is matte acetate of cellulose, the adhesive consists of synthetic acrylics, and the total tape thickness is 0.0625 mm.
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I once called the customer service line for 3M, and the woman I spoke with was very nice and very helpful. You could try calling them about it.
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