Help find a goofy movie in australia title...
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I'm trying to figure out a movie title. The movie was set in Australia, where a guy is traveling by himself and meets a girl, falls in love, and she drugs him and when he wakes up he is married to her and living in a commune. The thing is no one ever leaves the commune, and they make dog food there. I've searched netflix, and imdb. Now hits. It had a goofy two word title. I just cannot remember it. Can someone help me?
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Welcome to Woop Woop?
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was it an australian film? any idea what year it was? i am from aus and i usu know old films, but i can't picture this one
btw would i guess that iconomy is from america
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Why would you guess that, edtut? And you could always check the longitude latitude on my userpage ;P
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If there are two movies where a dude is kidnapped into marriage at a dog-food commune then I am hanging up my philosopher spurs, I'm clearly living in the Matrix and a damn poorly managed one at that. Is there any question iconomy nailed it? Chaska obviously just went to bed. I live near a town named Chaska. What does it all mean?!!
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Definitely Welcome to Woop-Woop. An Aussie classic.
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Damn iconomy for his/her speed and accuracy, but here are some better links.

But your best answer is the first one here.
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Not sure about the 'classic' status ... but yeah, that's the one.
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Uh, is Woop Woop any good? Because it sounds..intriguing and I'm actually considering buying a copy.
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Mojohand: Woop Woop is one of my favorite films, but it is deeply, deeply strange. It was made by Stephan Elliot, of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert fame. I have heard other filmmakers curse Elliot for making Rogers and Hammerstein songs so difficult to license after Woop Woop.

If you are Australian, I'd steer clear, as it seems to be universally reviled in that fine country.
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It actually sounds very similar to the gorgeous Japanese film "The Woman in the Dunes."

The movie was set in Japan, where a guy is traveling by himself and he misses the last bus home from the dunes. Villagers offer to board him for the night where he gets placed at the bottom of a pit with a woman. When he wakes up he finds that he can't escape. The woman's entire existence is the removal of sand from the bottom of the pit. Very intriguing and beautifully shot. Highly recommended.
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"Welcome to Woop Woop" is a weird one but I enjoyed it.

sort of an Australian "Nothing But Trouble"
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Hated that movie.
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mojohand, here's my take on the movie. Stephan Elliot has a thing for turning all the good stereotypes of Australians upside-down, and showing Australians at their very worst. So in Woop-Woop you get oodles of Aussie bigotry, ignorance, greed, chickenhearted conformity, tastelessness and violence.

It didn't do well in America in cinematic release - Elliot once described seeing people running for the exits.

I liked it. I thought it was hilarious. Particularly the tap-dancing.
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And Rod Taylor's character was fantastic.
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Any movie where the lead female's first line is: "Fuck me! A Seppo" and is soon followed by "part my beef curtains Big Boy" can't be all bad.
Oh, and what ritchie said.
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