Why does my UltimateTV box insist on connecting to WebTV?
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I own one of the old Ultimate TV boxes for DirecTV. A few days ago, when the power winked out, the box rebooted and began trying to connect to WebTV. No matter what we do, the box wants to connect to WebTV, and won't let us view the menu for viewing our television programs. Why won't my UltimateTV box ignore its WebTV imperative and let me watch TV any more?

I've since tried restarting the box and unplugging the box, but each time that the machine restarts, it tries to connect to WebTV. I called DirecTV's tech support, but they transferred me to the "UltimateTV support group," which never took me off hold. I waited over an hour but finally hung up since I only have a cell phone and was paying for the minutes.

I appreciate that some readers will think I should buy new hardware but that's not an option. This is clearly a software issue anyhow.

Thanks in advance, hive mind!
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Try these folks.
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