It's like finding a sword in a haystack
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Dear kind folks Ask Metafilter: I am Desperately seeking public domain/creative commons footage of knights fighting.

I'm looking for some footage of people or knights duking it out with swords. I've tried browsing through the public domain archives on the internet, but I haven't found much of anything. I now place myself at the mercy of the internet. Does anyone know of a place I can get video clips of sword fights from old films? Or, does anyone have any ideas of films that are in the public domain that feature sword fights?

Thanks in advance!
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Touch of Magic, A (1961) apparently has a knight fight scene with an evil charmer, and even a dragon!
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The movie Cyrano De Bergerac (1950) is in the public domain and available from It has sword fights, but not knights.
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The SCA is always staging historical re-enactments of swordfights. You might try searching for "heavy list" or "rapier" and/or "SCA" on youtube, then contacting the videographer to see if you can use their video. Some of the rapier battles look quite theatrical; the heavy list is rather slow and lumbering by comparison.
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Don't rule out copyrighted material. Rights are sometimes very cheap, particuarly if you'll agree to time limits on use and are doing something not for profit with limited distribution. (Of course, sometimes rights are insanely expensive on old and obscure material, you really never can tell.)
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