What's big and red and doesn't seem to eat rocks anymore?
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What happened to Phil Agre's Red Rock Eater News Service?

I used to love Agre's random links and disquisitions, but all my google-fu suggests that the last digest was about a year ago.
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Why don't you ask Phil? I suspect he just lost interest in writing it. I haven't received an email in a long time. And the last one I got was only after a long time of not getting more.

RRE is another example of a proto-blog. Personal periodic internet writing without the weblog software and terminology.
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I think he may have gotten too busy and nowadays what with blogs etc, I'm guessing he may have felt you're left to your own devices.

Loved it.
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Phil Agre is on my list of the top ten intellectuals of our (digital) age.
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I am a student in the Information Studies department at UCLA, which is where Dr. Agre teaches, and I have heard that he is quite ill. The classes he was slated to teach this term were canceled. He is a visionary and I really hope he gets well soon, as I want to take some classes with him. You can contact him at pagre*ucla.edu if you want to ask him about RRE.
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Response by poster: I wrote him an e-mail. I'll post any replies.
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