That's not what I set the volume at!
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Does anyone know anything about iMovie 3? I've just finished creating a project, and when I play through in iMovie it seems fine. However, when I export it, it's like the volume settings are completely ignored. Music that I set at 10% is actually playing at 100% and is overwhelming the dialogue. There doesn't seem to be anything in iMovie's documentation about this, so I'm stumped. What am I doing wrong?
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Since no one has answered your question, I'll suggest that you check out Apple's Support Discussion Forums. I've consistently found them to be an excellent source of answers to questions about the iLife applications.

For example, here's a search for "Volume" in the forum for "iMovie 4 and Previous". Hopefully that'll get you your answer. If not, you can create an account and give more details of your specific issue.
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