Crazy port-forwarding setup
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Complicated port-forwarding situation not working: ICS on Win 2000 into WRT54GL, trying to port-forward to uTorrent.

I have an old Windows 2000 (SP4) box with my internal pci DSL modem supplying my internet connection. This is running Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) to the LAN which feeds into a Linksys WRT54GL router. I'm trying to set up uTorrent on my main Windows XP (SP2) pc with a port forwarded from outside but can't get it to work.

I'm pretty confident that I have the router set up correctly, following the instructions here

I'm less confident about my ICS forwarding setup. I've gone into the ICS setup, Services tab and added two services for uTorrent, one for UDP, one for TCP, with the correct port number. But I'm unsure of the IP address to use. I've tried every combination I can think of without it working yet. I've redialed the DSL connection each time, unsure as to whether the changes take effect without resetting the connection. One thing I haven't done yet is to reboot the Win2000 box because it takes forever to reboot.

Ip of Win2000 gateway is

Ip of my linksys is

static IP of my PC inside the linksys is

I've tried all these plus the computer name of the pc.

I've disabled the XP firewall on the pc and no firewall is running on the gateway computer.

uTorrent is working but very slowly. Apparently if I can get this port forwarding to work it will speed things up. Thanks!
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Best answer: You need to have ICS forward to the external IP address of the Linksys router, which will be in the 192.168.0.x range.
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Oh, I forgot to add that you can get that from the router's status page. Just click on 'status.' That IP is the one you need.

For the future, you might think about getting an external DSL modem..
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Response by poster: wow, that was so fast and so right on the money my head is spinning. the exact piece of info that I had overlooked.

it's working great now, thanks so much. Will that external IP change when the router and/or the dsl modem are reset? The external IP is . . . i guess that is assigned by the ICS computer?

you might think about getting an external DSL modem

word...i just put together this sweet and very quiet new box and my old clucker is rattling away right next to it. definitely on the todo list
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Yeah, it's assigned by the ICS computer. I don't know whether ICS' DHCP server remembers the IP address given to a particular device or not. You could set the Linksys to a static address if you like.

I don't think ICS tries to be smart and only route for IPs it assigns, so it shouldn't be a problem to do that.
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